Eye-tracking without the hassle

Revision is a mobile usability testing tool and enables digital agencies to discover usability opportunities and improve their products at an early stage.

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Why Revision?

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Powerful analyses icon

Powerful analyses

With our powerful analysis tools included in a convenient dashboard, you can conclude your findings quickly and easily.

No special hardware required icon

No special hardware required

The time when you had to buy special expensive equipment is over. Revision works out of the box on all recent iPhones.

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Start right now

Everything is packaged in a user-friendly SaaS solution, so you can focus on making the web more accessible.

How it works

Here's how it works
  • Replay icon


    Look back at the entire session or use fast forward up to 5x. Seen anything remarkable? Make a note immediately for a colleague or your future self.

  • Visualize icon


    Curious what the participant saw in the first 5 seconds? Drag and drop the timeline and combine data from multiple participants.

  • Questionnaire icon


    Gather qualitative data through a questionnaire at the end of an evaluation. Filter by keywords or participants in one click.


A complete app

An advanced easy to use tool
  • Made to look real icon

    Made to look real

    Revision is designed to simulate reality as perfectly as possible, so your test is affected as little as possible.

  • Mix and match icon

    Mix and match

    Each evaluation is divided into scenarios. Combine an evaluation with images, videos, and websites all in one test.

  • Easy to use icon

    Easy to use

    Invite participants via an email or a magic link. We have set everything up for a streamlined procedure.

Screenshot app


Packed with powerful features


Revision's Dashboard has all the features you would expect for a power user like you.


Get to work quickly and efficiently by adding colleagues or stakeholders to Revision without any limits.


Highlight noteworthy events through timestamped notes. Go back later and see what was going on in just one click.

Combine results

For a more complete picture, you may combine visual results of multiple participants into one image.

Export results

Generate heatmaps, gazeplots and more. Export white label full page screenshots for even better recommendations and reporting to your client.

Mobile app

The app is a tool, carefully designed to be used by a broad group of participants.

Invite participants

Invite participants with a magic link or via e-mail. No complicated steps and quickly downloaded.

Eye-tracking technology

Our advanced eye-tracking technology records where the participant has looked for in-depth analysis.

Reflection of reality

We know that a good test should be influenced as little as possible. The app minimizes distractions of unnecessary elements to simulate reality as well as possible.

Emotion tracking coming soon

By measuring micro-expressions you know from second to second what emotion the participants were experiencing.


Privacy by design

We as a company want users to be safe. That's why we've implemented some necessary items to make sure that everyone can use our product the way its meant to be used.

Privacy policy

GDPR Compliant

Revision is based in the European Union. Therefore, all our products comply with the strict privacy rules defined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

User Information Toggle

We have implemented a switch that allows you to have your participants tested 100% anonymously. Revision doesn't even ask your participants for their names anymore.

All data stays on the device

We guarantee not to take any photo or video recordings of the participant. All data remains on the device and only the screen recording and the gaze coordinates are being sent.


Frequently asked questions

How many evaluations and participants can I create?

During our beta-period you can create unlimited evaluations and participants. As one of the early adopters, you will continue to be able to make use of unlimited evaluations and participants in the future.

How unlimited is unlimited?

No limit by 2 Unlimited. All jokes aside, we don’t limit anything.

What does Revision’s pricing model look like?

At the moment it’s not clear how much Revision will cost, but if you sign up now you’ll be able to use unlimited evaluations and participants anyway. Also, you’re not tied to anything and you can cancel at any time.

Will there be different packages?

We want to make Revision accessible to as many clients as possible. That’s why in the future we will also make a package based on credits available. This way, you can use Revision even if you don’t evaluate so often.

Why is Revision only available on iPhone?

Revision only works on Apple iPhone devices because they have advanced sensors for eye-tracking. Need Revision for Android? If so, please let us know, so we can assess your needs. Mail to hello@getrevision.com or chat with us by clicking on the chat button at the bottom left of the screen.

Is Revision also available on iPad?

We’re currently working hard to make Revision available on iPad devices, so that you can make desktop websites and apps more user-friendly later on. Please let us know by sending us an email at hello@getrevision.com if you want to be the first to use Revision for iPad.

Which iPhone models does eye-tracking work?

The following iPhone models work with eye-tracking: iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. All other iPhone models can be used with screen recording.

I have an idea for a feature or improvement

We are always open to new ideas and improvements. Feel free to let us know by sending an email to hello@getrevision.com. You can also click on the chat button at the bottom left of the screen.

Why is Revision in beta and what does it mean?

We use the term beta to inform you as a user. The fact that Revision is marked ’beta’ means that things can still change or be added. If we change something big, we will of course let you know in good time.